Ex Amazon Business Leaders
Brad and Tim

We offer a lot!

Product Labs services include the following:

  1. Full Amazon Channel Management

    1. Onboarding

      1. Detail Page Setup

      2. Inventory Setup

    2. Detail Page Optimization

      1. Customer friendly optimization

      2. Amazon system optimization. Amazon’s system looks for specific things when determining who gets the top search results - and we optimize for these.

    3. Customer Service

      1. Feedback solicitation. We actively email buyers regarding their experience and suggest they leave positive reviews.

      2. Negative Feedback Management. We address concerns and try to resolve issues before they arise.

      3. Customer Service Management. We handle all incoming customer questions and responses about the products.

    4. Pricing and Promotional Management

      1. Set, adjust, and optimize product pricing

      2. Seasonal Promotional Deals

      3. Large Promotional Deals

      4. Amazon partnered Promotions

    5. Advertising

      1. Amazon Ad-word campaign Management

      2. Facebook campaign Management

      3. Google campaign Management

    6. Inventory

      1. Sales and in-stock management

      2. Replenishment reporting and Management

      3. Returns management

    7. Brand Control

      1. Brand Registry and Protection on Amazon

      2. Inquiries into Amazon’s teams when issues arise

    8. Review Boosting​

      1. Optimize Review Feedback emails​

      2. Follow up on poor reviews to strive to resolve the issues

    9. Sales Reporting

      1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports on product sales

      2. Sales forecasting for inventory quantity predictions

    10. International Channels

      1. North America, including US, CA, and MX

      2. Europe, including UK, DE, FR, IT, ES

      3. Asia, includes JP

  2. Additional Channels Management

    1. Company Website sales and inventory management

    2. Walmart sales and inventory management

    3. Ebay sales and inventory management

    4. Overstock sales and inventory management

  3. Additional Services​

    1. Social Media Management

    2. Online Advertising Management

    3. Photo Creation Services​

    4. Video Creation Services

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