CRUSH IT with the team that built it
We build Multi-Million dollar businesses.
We are a team of former Amazon business and tech guys. In addition to Amazon, our experience spans Citi, Nordstrom, Overstock, Microsoft, Disney, Nokia, A&E, Ebay, and many many more.
Our team has managed Thousands of products and Millions in sales on Amazon and other ecommerce sites. We know what works and what doesn't (despite the many rumors of 'how' Amazon does things).
Apart from the business side, we have built technology that is used by millions around the world. At Product Labs, we build world-class tech that empowers our team to perform their expert selling techniques. 
Our passion is to make your life easier. We know online sales and systems. Sadly, they aren't always as simple as they should be. So we've dedicated Product Labs to simplifying your business. Our goal is to grow your product sales without you lifting a finger. We offer:
  • Better Product Sales Margins: Large % points better than Amazon Direct alternatives.

  • Expert Team: We use our inside-Amazon knowledge to grow your products and brand.

  • Most successful Marketing Techniques: 1st page search results, Amazon SEO, Quality AdWord spend.

  • Amazon Ecosystem Optimized: We know, cause we built it - we scrub, combine, and refine to highest sales potential.

  • World Class Technology: We've built tech to empower our expert methods that drive your sales.

It is simple:
  1. We manage EVERYTHING: All you need is the product inventory. We get it online, build marketing campaigns, deal with returns and manage customer service. 
  2. No setup FEES: No setup fees when we bring you on. We know we can make you successful which is why we don't charge just to get you going!
  3. Product ATTENTION: Our team uses advanced methods and technology to ensure your products are firing on all cylinders. We have analytics that pinpoint the biggest earners and we focus where the biggest money is! 
Increased Sales

Company A was living lucky. They got on Amazon, sales were good. Then, they talked with us.

In 3 months, the Product Labs team more than doubled sales to 221% before our involvemet. The trend continues to this day...

New Product Growth

Company B just had a successful Kickstarter. Now what?

Product Labs got them on Amazon and within 3 months they were ranked on the TOP of their catagory on Amazon. Huge feat for a small team of budding entrepreneurs. For their product, this meant 50-100 sales a day. 

This cemented their brand on the World's Largest Online Retailer.

Higher Margin

Company C was selling well, but margins were tight. Product Labs stepped in to help out. 
Company C went from making $10 per product, to $20. Double the margin and increased sales has them set for a bright future.

Our clients have sold millions on Amazon and been featured on ...
Shark Tank, CBS, Kickstarter, WSJ, and many more.
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